Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chamber of Commerce: Training Opportunities for Small Business

The Chamber of Commerce is one of the first places people often start on their hunt for business information. Sometimes the Chambers cater more to larger, more established business and sometimes they do (or do not) offer classes and courses in Internet marketing. It just depends. Wichita is fortunate to have one of the best Chambers of Commerce in the region, and it can be a good starting point.

Joining / Participating in the Wichita Chamber of Commerce

Wichita Chamber of Commerce - Training Opportunities for Small Businesses
Even if you don't have the budget to join, keep a link over to the Chamber and watch out for their informative learning and training experiences.

For example, they have a list of small business events here. In their own words, they see their mission as:

The Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce is the dedicated champion for you, our more than 1,700 business members. The Chamber’s volunteer leadership and staff exercise a daily responsibility to marshal the organization’s resources to advance a competitive business environment that gives you a distinct advantage in achieving your business objectives.

Find out more about the Wichita Chamber of Commerce