Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kansas Small Business Center, Wichita State University

Our government creates some great opportunities to help small businesses... if you know where to look. Did you know that the government has some university-funded programs? Wichita has a great one: the Kansas Small Business Development Center. In their own words:

Kansas Small Business Center - Learning and Training Opportunities
Are you ready to start a new business?
We will help you turn your business idea into reality.
Are you ready to grow your business?
We will work with you to increase your profits.
Are you ready for training?
We offer over 200 workshops every year on topics of common interest.
We also will develop customized training for you and your staff.
Last year, our clients started 57 businesses, created 1,045 full and part time jobs, and generated over $48 million in sales. Enjoy some of their success stories.
Return on Investment
For every $1 invested in the WSU KSBDC program by federal, state and local funders in 2012, we returned over $36.
Guide to Starting or Expanding a Business in South Central Kansas
Many government agencies and membership organizations would like to help you start, expand or grow your business. "Your Guide to Starting or Expanding a Business in South Central Kansas" provides an overview of these groups. Your KSBDC consultant will help you identify which groups will be able to best assist you with your current needs.

They also have some classes in online marketing, here